Yauheniya Fatseyeva is an art photographer, teacher, retoucher based in Minsk, Belarus. 

Making abstract pictures of nature, water, plants, light reflections, textures. 


  • Personal Art exhibition “Water Patterns”. The exhibition took place in September 2018 in the gallery “Artel” in Minsk.
  • Art photo book, “Eugenia Fremo”, 2014, Minsk.
  • Professional YouTube channel with more than 40 000 subscribers. The name of the channel is “JenyTalkRu”, monthly views count is above 60 000.
  • Art projects “Venus Figurines”, “Old Fashioned”, “They are here” – celebrating equality and diversity of all ages, sizes and physical abilities.
  • Participation in many well recognized and award winning art and commercial projects as a retoucher. Listed among clients are:  “Life” mobile operator, “MTS” mobile operator, “Huawei Belarus”, “Milavitsa” lingerie company, “Serge” lingerie company, “Zorka” jewellery company, “Aeronautica Belarus” clothing, “Cosmo” cosmetic retail, “Belgostrakh” state insurance company, Diego Maradona (Argentinian football player), “Atlant M” holding, “Eliz” clothing, “Belita-Vitex” cosmetic company, “Markell” cosmetic company, “Prior Bank”, “Mozart” wedding fashion, “Bolshoi” magazine, “Timer” magazine, “Fashion Collection” magazine. Project “Mobile Lifestyle” for photo contest GoldenBelarus - grand prise.